What’s new for Ticker?

TITAN SERIES​ Tickercom Stock Tickers latest product and engineered design is our new TITAN Series, launched to rave reviews this bright and colorful Ticker features a 6mm pixel pitch for high resolution that suits most room environments for close up viewing from 10 – 150 feet away, Tickercom has made Tickers affordable with numerous models and designs that will suit any budget. CUSTOM DESIGN Custom lengths and designs are a breeze that could include perfect miter inside or outside 90… Read More »What’s new for Ticker?

What’s the Hardware?

Tickercom Titan Series Hardware features the following specifications: Bright color,100,000 hours SMD(Surface Mount Diode) LEDs, for clear resolution and Long life. 16 level automatic dimmer switch with on/off switch. Remote control for on/off LEDs function. Includes mounting hardware. Includes software with telephone tutorial. Includes data communication cable. Standard UL power supply, RoHS compliant, low power consumption. Three year factory depot warranty.  

What’s on Stock Ticker?

Tickercom stock ticker is a legally licensed mix of stock indices, the Dow Jones Top 30 and breaking financial news stories. Stocks are displayed in either tricolor or with corporate logos and graphics. All signs will show the stock quote in green if it’s up and red if down.  Custom content and point of sale messages can be mixed with the live data stream. Stock indices and custom stock quotes from the NASDAQ, NYSE and AMEX are available. Dow Jones… Read More »What’s on Stock Ticker?

What’s a Stock Ticker?

LED stock ticker reports continuously the prices of securities, displaying the change in price, whether it’s up or down, along with other relevant information. Investors use it to stay informed of the radpidly changing market conditions. You may have seen a stock ticker scrolling at banks, brokerage firms as well as business schools,now you can even bring one Tickercom Fantasy Series/Titan Series stock ticker home to stream live financial  information with the ticker symbol, price traded( the last price the… Read More »What’s a Stock Ticker?