Tickercom has been manufacturing Commercial LED Stock Tickers for applications such as Schools, Universities, Banks, and Financial Institutions for years, now you can have an affordable LED Ticker with relevant Live updates in the comfort of your Mancave, Office, Retail environment or Classroom. The light, color and motion along with our simple plug and play WiFi platform activates in minutes and will deliver you legal and licensed content updated every 15 minutes from the DOW JONES, NYSE, NASDAQ, S & P and more, all color coded for stocks moving up or down. As a factory direct manufacturer you can SHOP on line with most sizes available for next day shipping or have us create a custom LED Ticker that could include inside or outside 90 degree corners in a any length.

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Having pioneered the wireless transmission of live customized content to LED displays, Tickercom boasts over 20 years of history as a leading client-specific content provider, broadcasting content services and specialized messages throughout North America. Tickercomstocktickers is a factory direct wholesale manufacturer of Stock, Sports and Cryptocurrency LED Tickers for both Consumer and Commercial use with numerous sizes and models available for simple on line purchase, need a custom size or design, give us a call.

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